Inga Wind: Angel of Peace

It seems a Wolf Demon can wear a halo hehe.. I pulled this off I think.. No one will suspect a thing! Can’t even see the duct tape holding the halo on!

I picked this up a little while ago at *IW* (Inga Wind) during a MadPea hunt. It was part of a separate hunt that I think was forgotten to be picked up lol.. But to my advantage I grabbed it and was not disappointed! I love the fantasy section of the store! I could go bankrupt in there! lol

The Wings are static until you fly. Then they flap! It is kind of cool ^_^

The Globe spins as you hold it.

The Dove chills on your shoulder like it owns the place. Even holding an olive branch.



Some have asked “What else are you wearing?” so.. here is what else I am wearing lol… I have a zillion attachments, so, if you see one I forgot to list… drop me a message and I’ll get it updated on here!

The tattoo is from KANIVAL and the tail is from an amazing person Uberpwn Runner of Ubertech Industries My feet are N-Core.. My Hair is *ARGRACE*.. My ears are [Gauze].. My Skin and shape are mine I made myself. My Eyes are mine I made myself From Lone Wolf Studio The Twysted Alice Collection that I am releasing in March. The Wings, Dove, Rotating Globe, Halo and Laurel are part of the *IW* package.



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