Hot off The Press Monday!

Well Guys… I think I am definitely biting on more things then I can chew lol.. But isn’t life is more exciting with a mouthful of awesome..?

Coming up in March: (Still have a few apps Pending)

I’m also in 5 Hunts in April… So Far

I’m Delving more and more into Mesh!

I have my Dwarfins’ Collection out and one of the items is 100% Mesh.. I was proud of myself for that one.. and I decided to take baby steps into designing my clothes into Mesh!

The Frugal  Friday Event was successful! Its a new thing our store is doing now… we are going to feature one item (new release, already out or exclusive for one time only) on Fridays for only L$15! No matter how much regular price is!!! only L$15 for that item only! And it will be featured under the purple market tent outside of the store! Can’t miss it!

The Broken Heart Hunt over Valentine’s Day Weekend went off pretty smoothly and no issues.. Had a good turn out.. almost thinking about making it grid wide and letting more stores in next year ^_^ (Hit me up if you’re interested!)

We have affiliate vendors now for offer! So far just eyes, and the Dwarfins collection… making more vendors soon..

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