Hot Off the Press Monday!

Well guys.. another week down of grueling labors of love lol…

I have successfully created, completed and postered all of the prizes for the March Events that I have gotten approved to participate in. I am still waiting for a few responses.. those are already being worked on ‘Just in Case’…. If I do not get approved… New release for the store! Win win..

Nothing will go to waste!

I am steadily working on the Twysted Alice Collection… Ironically enough playing Alice in Wonderland in the background for either inspiration or because I am mad lol…

I am projecting a nice turn out for it…

I am pushing back the release of the collection to coincide with the “We Are All Mad Here” Hunt I was approved for.. I may even be a sponsor.. I’m still debating.

I am Sponsoring the ‘So Your Mum Doesn’t Like this’ Hunt by [DeMoN]

and was approved to be a 1st position sponsor in the [DeMoN] hunt coming up after.

Exciting right???

Friday’s “Frugal Friday” had a pretty nice turn out.. It needs to get more exposure… Just in case you missed it… Frugal Fridays are a reoccurring event at the store… L$15 for a single item… it is featured under the big purple tent directly outside of the store..

Birthday Coming up next week… and Oh.. We’ve been open for yet another year this weekend! 2/23 lol.. I think I’m going to hand out a group only gift to celebrate, so go join real quick hehehe..

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