Weekend Update!

Another Week down! and even another month down! AND Even another YEAR down! We have been here for 4 years now 2/23! Thank you so much for all of the support from my Friends and Family on this One hell of an adventure! Without support I probably would have given up by now! You guys Rock!

So Here’s the News:

Working steady on Group gifts, Hunt prizes and new collections! I am one busy Wolf…

The Not Your Toy Hunt is ending today! So hop on that for your last chance to get that cute little shoulder pet ^_^

Group Gift is going out tomorrow! March 1st

Hunts starting tomorrow, March 1st 2014

Hunts starting March 14th 2014

I am also discontinuing my older Clothes, Tattoos and Eyes… They will still be available for a limited time in the Lucky Chairs and MM board… but slowly phased out. After Phase out, I will have them out in fat packs ONLY.. and bring them back for semi-annual throwback sales… Maybe. It is time to move forward.. They have served me well.. But new methods, techniques and trying to phase over to mesh… I want to keep moving forward… Ignore the prices on the photos.. I have discounted the eyes 50% or more.. (And I’ve learned myself not to put prices on the pics anymore lol) I will also be phasing out the Marketplace store… I can give better discounts in world (group discount/spending goals etc)… and I won’t have to jack prices up for that stupid Marketplace fee.. (Currently my items are one price on MP and cheaper in world).. or.. I may just leave my old stuff there at dirt cheap prices and pretend it doesn’t exist anymore… idk..

Anywho… Come check out the store! It has gotten a makeover for its anniversary present. New skybox… Upgraded all the vendors to Mesh… Redesigned the logo… all that good stuff!

Lone Wolf Studio in SL! And remember… Group members get a store-wide 10% Discount! and… AND there are spending goal perks! Spend a certain amount and get a permanent % Discount on future purchases.. There are more…. but I put so many perks in I can’t remember them all! You’ll just have to come look!

Until Next time! 


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