Weekend Update!

Well guys… another week down… I’ve been busy off my keester I tell you that much.. holy bologna..

Success is the sum of a few things…

Tenacity + Perseverance + Stamina + support + drive + Good product + A+ Customer Service = Success!

I am thankful for every one of you that support me. I can’t stop to thank you all.. (Even though I have tried.. I ran ragged trying to hunt you all down individually)

4 years…. I still can’t believe its been 4 years…

But enough about my sentimental mushy thingies… lets get to what you wanted to see..


I am so excited! The MadPea Steampunk Gatcha Fair is about to start! 12pm SLT!

We are there! Come get them ALL! MadPea SteamPunk Fair


These are our offerings for that!

The [DeMoN] Voodoo Hunt Started last night!

and guess what?

We’re in that too!!!


And as an added bonus.. we have debuted a non-voodoo pin version for the new weekly release! Same eye.. just no little skull pin in it… ^_^

There are even more hunts going on that are just Epical out the yin-yang!

And we’re in those too!

Busy! busy! busy!

Hunts going currently at the shop:

Visit Lone Wolf Studio for these Hunts!

I held back the launch of the Twysted Alice line I am working steady on… not for production issues.. more because the We Are All Mad Here Hunt is next month and I thought it would be nifty to have them both at the same time..

well.. back to the grindstone for me… I’ve got 6 more hunts to prepare for.. and stay on top of my Twysted Alice line so it Does come out on time! lol..


Many Hugs, kisses cookies and candy all around to all of you… ~Natisu

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