Frugal Friday Merchant Applications!

I am sure by now, you have all seen the Frugal Friday posts..

After so many people asked… I am Now accepting Applications for Frugal Friday Participants!

Frugal Friday items are 15L, and can be:

  • Mesh
  • Prim
  • Recolors
  • Old
  • New
  • Best Seller
  • Promotional
  • Exclusive
  • Clothes
  • Fashion items
  • Skins
  • Appliers
  • Accessories
  • Tattoos
  • Home decor
  • Sports
  • Vehicles
  • Weapons
  • Full perm, or not Full perm
  • No set theme (as of now, we may have themed days for RFL etc)
  • Pretty Much anything as long as its 15L

What Frugal Friday items cannot be:

  • BiB (Business in a Box)
  • Resale/Affiliate
  • Marketplace only Items (we need in world stores)
  • Stolen or Copy-botted items (common sense)

If accepted, Your Store/Blog will be on the list of participating locations, featured in the Frugal Friday blog! Your Logo (if you give me one) Will be featured on our Frugal Friday Blog). You will get a nifty poster (you should probably put by your item, it will have a giver in it for a list of Participants), And you will be given Frugal Friday group invite info, where you can send 1 notice a day promoting your store/items. And chat all day till you turn blue…

You will be responsible for blogging your own item. We will co-promote your blog, and store logo. And feature your advert for your item(s) on our main blog. We also spam advert groups in world, and on Facebook.

You do not have to have a sales tent. Just some place people can easily find the item would be appreciated. It can be a group only item.. or a public item. I’ll leave that up to you.

This is new and just starting up, so to make this work participation is paramount! Collaboration is very important!

Think of it as a way to get easy traffic that they pay YOU for.

I am thinking limiting this to 30 stores for now. Unless the demand is critically overwhelming for more spots. After I get a core membership of stores. I will still accept applications (you never know when you’ll need someone for a spot that just opened)

I will not chase you down. If I do not get your advert/blog by the Wedesday at midnight SLT deadline, I can’t put your advert on the Friday blog. you’ll just be a store name SLURL link.

2 Easy ways to submit your application!!

  1. Come to the Main store Lone Wolf Studio and drop off your application! The mailbox is sitting right next to the Frugal Friday Purple tent. can’t miss it!
  2. Fill out this form!

There will be pre-made applications at the main store, but in case you want to get it done, and just come hand it in.. Copy this into a Note Card:

(Rename the Note Card “Frugal Friday Participant App: your name”)


SL Name:

Store Name:



Stand alone store, booth, or mall stall (We accept them):

Blog (if you have one):

What do you make/sell:

Will you be able to do this weekly: Yes or No

If not weekly how often:

Group only, or public item:

Store Rating: G M A

Store Logo (Full Perm Texture, or link where I can get it):


I will not be taking Note Cards directly. I get flooded with IMs, Notecards, and other things already.. if I crash logging in, I’ll never know you sent something.

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