Hot Off The Press Monday!

Another week down… Its the last day of the month…

I had a medical emergency and had to spend all of last week in the hospital. So I did not get much done.

Luckily I had all the April hunts ready to go before I had to go to the ER… The only thing that is holding up now is the Twysted Alice Collection. And that is ok… The hunt I’m trying to co-release it with isn’t until a little later in the month. I have a little while to get caught up.

I didn’t get to tell you all about the Frugal Friday epicness!

We had such a demand from people to include them… that I have went ahead and made an application for it!

Read all about that! its kind of nifty!

Hunts starting in April at Lone Wolf Studio:

These are the ones we have been approved for so far!

Busy Busy! Click on the links for more info like hints and prize pics etc…

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