Publicist Wanted!

Because I’ve been so sick and falling behind…
I’ve spread myself too thin..
I think I want to hire a publicist.. Someone to advertise for me in groups.. keeps a nose out for hunts and events accepting applications.. maybe some light blogging.. I’ll still do the brunt of it.. like the posters, the main blogs.. etc.. but some lightening up of my burdens would be epic.. I’ll pay of course.. have to figure out how much I can afford.. in addition to Free items, so you can blog about it.. I’m thinking a couple hours a week at most.. I’m not demandy…

If this sounds like something you would like to do… Drop me a NC at my store Lone Wolf Studio , there’s a mailbox.. Name it “Publicist App [your name]”.. Have your SL Name, what you can bring to the table (blogging, advertising abilities, ideas for exposure and organizing events etc).. time you want to commit a week to doing this (name your own hours!), your blog, or some kind of example of your work.. and salary requirements.. (i.e. weekly pay.. or hourly… etc)

I am willing to give chances to those wanting to get into the field etc.. First timers etc.. I just seriously need some help. I’m workaholic’ing myself to death. Literally. So any help is good help. If you do not have a blog, or do not want to use your own, I’ll admin you into mine. No worries.

If you know someone who is looking for a job… If they are reliable and would be a good fit for this field.. pass this along to them…

I prefer someone I know. But that’s not a requirement.

Reliability is however a requirement. Since you are naming your own time… There should be no issues. I will need to see results (at least effort). I am not going to pay for nothing. (understandable I hope).. time off for RL etc will be Obvious. Like I said, I’m not demandy. But I will pay you for what you work. No work, no pay (understandably).

I’m hoping to have someone hired by the end of the week.. but I’ll keep my ears open.

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