Hot Off The Press Monday!

Its another Monday down! Another week of crazy things going on at the Studio..


A jillion hunts going on in June ( I may have got a little click happy at applying for hunts last month ^_^* )


We are sponsor for the “I’m a Demon” hunt that is starting very soon.. (next few days)

We are going to be a sponsor in a few things coming up in July, August and September! We have a carnival and a gatcha event we are going to be in…


Another installment of the Twysted Alice collection is coming out today!

The Twysted Alice Anime fan art wall scroll..


August! I know its a little soon… but I wanted to give people time to work on things if they wanted to… We are having a photo contest!!! Wear anything or use anything from Lone Wolf Studio! Hunt Items! Gatcha! Collections! Eyes! Tattoos! Clothes and even the Dwarfins collection items.. anything you got from us… (must be obvious, close ups etc are encouraged) Then we are going to have a voting time.. then the winners will get some awesome prizes! First place wins Ls AND exclusive, one of a kind hand designed mesh eyes from Lone Wolf Studio!

The pics must be tasteful. No full on nudity (we are a pg sim) if you are showing off a tattoo, wear some under garments at least… unless you can keep your clothes on. Touch your photos up if you want… photoshopping, fancifying, decorating and general awesomeness is highly encouraged! See the store for more info!


I am looking for a blogger to blog items from the store (your choice of what Items)..  I need to see some promotion going on… sharing the blog etc.. not just doing a blog and letting it sit covered in dust. I also need to see more than just copy pasting what info I give you on the item (if you need that info etc). Elaborate, be creative and get those juices going!

Just NC me your sample work (an URL to your blog works) and any compensation requirements you may have. If you have the goods, I’m willing to take you on.


You all have a great week! See you next Monday!


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