Lone Wolf Studio – Job Opportunity! – Blogger!

This is a longer than normal post, so you know everything I expect, and everything you should expect, upfront.

I am looking for:
Exceptional bloggers that will give my items the same attention as others they blog for (if they blog for others) I am willing to offer this position to “up and coming” bloggers that need a “foot in the door” as long as you don’t screw me in the process.

I have a blog.. if you don’t have one to use (the new blogger people) I will gladly add you as an admin to use my blog to do your work.. I’m fine with that… If you have your own blog you use… let me know it so I can roll you.

Send me blogging samples (which I will expect you to keep the same level of blogging for my items, as the blogs you send me as examples… just fyi)
Samples can be links to your blog… (just remember that I will expect the same level of blogging as what you give me as samples….) and I keep saying that because I’ve been bait and switched before…

I won’t even consider people who cannot cohesively make a sentence. “u r a nice store I like wat u do.” or anything where u, r, b, y etc.. letters alone are used as words… (sorry its a peeve, and we’re supposed to have some moderate decorum of education on this planet) I do not need thesis, or college level essay writing lol.. not what I’m saying.. but some showmanship of graduating basic schooling would be awesome! I like to invent words… epical, hilarical, and you guys who already know me, know some wild ones I come up with… be fun, write fun, but have a little basic education, in there somewhere… not looking for absolute perfect… but as long as the readers aren’t scratching their heads wondering what they just read… is a win win in my book. I’m not a grammar nazi… but I like to read linearly.. not having to stop… decipher… stop… decipher… stop reread it all together now.. stop decipher.. I like to just read and get done… understandable right?

I like pretty and well done pictures fyi… thats a plus!
You do not have to be a photoshop pro… but some basic photo skills, is a plus (I can provide pics if you have no clue how to do a good pic.. I have to make the adverts anyway.. tossing you one to use is not a biggy)

I will “pay” you per original blog. with product or lindens.

I will send you a NC with the event or item and a pic or two, if you need them.. some basic info, where applicable. so you can blog it on time… if you want to put hunt poster pics for hunts, If I have them I’ll send it, or tell you where you can find one..

Pay is per blog. if you are blogging about an event the store is going to be in, I’ll pay in Ls.. if its a product, I’ll pay with product. not a weekly stipend flat rate pay (I got burned doing that).

its majorily, “name your own” schedule, but I do need certain releases and events done in a timely manner. (Blogging on an item, a week after an event is over makes no sense etc). I will get the item, pics or info (whatever applies) out to you the weekend before it is released (unless an emergency RL comes up, then its asap) that will give you a whole week to blog at your leisure… if there is no deadline on an item I ask that you get it out at least in that week I give it to you… (that would just be good to keep the routine)

Getting paid per blog… the awesomeness of that is… blog all you want.. you see something in my store you want to blog…Old or new, ask me, and i’ll hook you up to blog it.. (new things you will be told about well before release, so you can blog it on time), if you cannot, or will not blog something (Can’t see you refusing, but who knows), tell me asap. so I can do it.. too many times of me doing it myself… (unless you’re on vacation or wrote off sick etc) too many times of me doing it myself.. and I’ll just realize I can do it myself, and won’t need you… So make sure you get those things blogged! (or tell me when you’ll be on vacation etc)

You will get paid per blog, as long as it is the same level of blogging as what I hired, believing you could do. If you blog exceptionally well on an item, there could be bonuses If I am truly blown away with the blog. (I’m randomly nice like that)

good description, professional looking blog (more than one sentence), nice pics, LMs where applicable, Hunt hints if applicable… Market place link if applicable, release date, or availability, Prices, target gender for item etc.. are good things to put in the blog… (and some of you rolled your eyes and “I know’d” me out loud lol… some people don’t put these things.. and if they are a new blogger, they need to know this stuff.. so hush yer faces )

After you are done blogging an Item for me, beyond your normal places you spam your blog posts…

I require you post your link to your blog for my store’s item, in 2 places..
on the facebook page for Lone Wolf Studio. (You can find the page here on my Profile on facebook, go to the store in world and click on the huge “Like us on FACEBOOK” sign. or even at the bottom of this want ad is a link to the page.) and the Group notices in world. (You’ll get a blogger staff tag so you can do this)

I do not ask for much… just on time, nice blogs, post to the group page and group notices in world… and your normal blog spammage where ever you do that. Easy Peasy right?

bonus pay:
There are more ways to make some moola…
If you hear/know of an event that I should participate in, that is accepting applications; faires, gachas, hunts, anything cool, get me the details and I’ll pay you a “finder’s fee”, if I haven’t already gotten to the event on my own..
fyi SLHunts.com is a place I visit often.. so The “off the beaten path” events, or events that I have not heard of, are a good place to look to get bonus pay. (I post at the store, all the back hunts and events I’ve been in… please familiarize yourself a little with the store in general… its just a good thing to do)

If you are truly exceptional, consistent, and all around awesome, you have the room to get promoted to blogging/promotions manager. Which is a pretty nifty position. (there would be a couple added responsibilities… but nothing an all around awesome person couldn’t handle, its only a couple more.. and more responsibilities means more pay)

If this sounds like something you want to do, and its up your alley, or a friends alley, send this along to them and:
Click here to apply http://tinyurl.com/ngwy4aw

if you want to suggest a friend, send this ad to your friend and have them apply. it gets rough hiring people through people. (sometimes they don’t even tell the person, they just tell me they want the job, and when I contact they have no clue whats going on), so.. please have your friend apply themselves, if its for them.

Only send your own.

if there are a couple absolutely awesome bloggers I can’t decide between.. I may hire you both lmao… but we’ll see what happens

I look forward to working with you…
~Natisu SpiritWeaver Lone Wolf Studio

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