Wolf Haven Farm Job Opportunity! Auctioneer / Auction Set Up Person!


Employment Opportunity!
-Auction Set Up!

Do you know how to Setup an auction?
Well this might be the place for you to try it!

On 9/7/15 We opened Wolf Haven Up to ALL Breedables!

Looking for experienced Staff!


Show up on time! We would need you to show up about 30-45 minutes before the auction to familiarize yourself with the items up for auction, and to get a spam ad out. (if there is no promoter that day), get yourself settled into tip jars, make sure your mic is working etc, and have any questions you might have addressed.

You are the one that sets what day/time your auction is going to be.. You’re the auctioneer, you pick your availability, so its something you can stick to!

Tip: Auctions are about an hour long.. sometimes hour and a half… to be safe, pick an availability time when you have a couple hours free.

Promote your auction set!… regardless if there is a promoter that day, you should be getting some sort of spam out there to get people to come to your set. Remember, the more people you get to come in, the more tips and the more sales etc…. so promote!

Promote on our Facebook Page, The Facebook ad Pages, and IN SL for best coverage! (or wherever you spam that works for you.) The success of your auction night is on you!

Be nice and interact with the patrons! The more friendly and interactive the more inclined they are to tip!

Remind patrons to support Wolf Haven and direct them to the establishment’s tip jar at the mouth of the auction cave (its a cute little Dwarfin, I refer to him as the village drunk lol… but you’re welcome to be more creative)

During your set, there might be announcements you have to do at some point.
– Special events on the sim (if there’s one)
– Raffle of the day; what the prize is and how to enter (triggered at the end of
your auction set)
– general promotional messages
(nothing you have to write or make up or anything, all announcement info will be given to you… you just paraphrase or read the Note card given! Easy peasy!)

You get 90% tips all for you!

Auction set up person:

Show up on time! We would need you to show up about 4 or 5 hours before the auction; to Spam available panels, help patrons setup (give tags, answer questions), remind patrons to set up, if they are reserved, and to get a spam ad out right before you head out.


  • Show up on time! (4-5 Hours before, or day/or two before. i.e. Wednesday setup can be done tuesday. Monday setup can be done Friday Through Sunday)
  • Spam Panels! a.k.a. GET PEOPLE IN! We have regulars you can group chat to get in.. AND you should get some spam groups.. Friends… etc etc..
  • Help Patrons (setup, tags, if they need pricing help etc)
  • Make a Calling card for the Auctioneer. Means.. A numbered (by panel) List of whats there.
    • Panel 1: 7T Tavern Master Open bid xxxL
      Panel 2: 5T Fisherman Open bid xxxL
      Panel 3: 3T Blacksmith 4T Dragon Master Open bid xxxL
    • So on and so forth until you have all the panels listed. X’s are to be actual numbers.

Put that Note card in the mailbox, of what is going to be in the auction for that day.

it is really easy to do set up! Just help people with questions.. and most of our patrons are regulars so they know what to do ^_^ its really just getting panels sold.. hand out a tag or two… getting the Note cards into the mailbox for the auctioneer… pretty simple.

I can supply you with a few Note cards..

  • How to do setup
  • ad groups to spam in + The spam ad itself! (If you don’t want to make one)
  • things staff should know

You will get 1/2 the panel fee as pay, and you are allowed to set out a tip jar (or we can give you one) for 90% tips to you.

If you want to apply, or know someone, send this to them, or click and apply yourself!


Have a great day! Look forward to working with you!!!
~Natisu SpiritWeaver Owner Wolf Haven Farm ~

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