Wolf Haven Farm Job Opportunity! – Property Manager!

I am looking for a new property manager.
The position is not difficult. I’m just having issues finding dependable people.

{*!Please read carefully!*}

Ideally I’m looking for someone that has managerial experience, and promotion ability (keeping up on weekly auctions, tenants, copy and pasting an advert in a few groups/facebook pages etc, is not rocket science) An hour or two a week max maybe (10-15 minutes a day [based on your availability of course]), not including auction days… thats not shabby.. this is not a 7 day a week job.. its Name your own hours, as long as the job gets done.

you do *NOT* have to know about Dwarfins, that is easily explained if you’re interested. its a plus if you do though!

You *DO* however, have to be reliable!!!!!!!!!!


!**!You MUST be reliable!!**!
You can set your own hours… but you HAVE to be RELIABLE… (illness, RL issues etc is of course understandable… but no showing/performance, just for the hell of it, is not… just keep me in contact, I’m a very nice understanding person… I just don’t like unknowingly, being left hanging.)

-Promoting the place is a must! Ad-Groups, blogs, facebook pages and any other places you can think of promoting is awesome! (I can even GIVE you the Advert to just copy and Paste! or make your own! up to you!) I even make the event posters! so its really easy for you!

-Getting in Tenants! That is where you and I both, make our money! So… get those peeps in!

-You will need a caspertech account (free) so I can add you as a manager to the rental units to adjust prims and rent, evict etc, for the tenants.

-Auctions: You do not… **NOT** have to be the auctioneer, but hiring one (or a few) and getting auctions going is a must! You must be present at the auction, if I’m not available to. One of us has to be there. (I have an employee schedule board, to organize the auctioneers) Make it any day/time you want, just let me know so I can have the Dwarfins company post it on their official auction listings. The auction will be your baby, so if you want to hire an auctioneer, have at it! if you want to do it yourself? go for it! but you promote and fill the stalls (or hire someone) just as long as it gets done!

-Prim wrangling… I have all the rentals set to holler if they are over prims… if you get a message, Contact the tenant, nicely, to fix it. (I usually give them a day or two to comply, 3 if its a weekend… over prims is extremely rare, I had it once in a year)

-If we have a special event, I expect you to be there. through its entirety. (we organize events with a mutual availability, so we can both make it and stay at it) these are only a few times a year.

-Ideas to improve the place is great. (events/rent prices/decor/specials/etc)

-you don’t even have to know a lot about Dwarfins… just managing, and promoting… although its a plus (I can teach you about Dwarfins if you want.. but thats not required…)

What you get:

(I’ve been told I have the best work benefits, unheard of around almost all the markets, that’s a big deal!)

-You will get a %, of each rental payment! as pay (So the more people you get to rent the market stalls, private lofts and auction panels = more money for you!) I will set the stalls up to auto pay you whenever someone rents/pays so no worries about waiting for a “check”…

-I will give you a note card on things to look out for on the sim (there is a price minimum for the dwarfins.. prim limits to stalls etc….ad groups for the dwarfins you might not be aware of, etc..) so you won’t be doing this cold turkey. I will help you as much as I can.

-and the more you do the more perks you get.. i.e. if you auctioneer…
DJ/Host at the club on sim… (you get tips etc)… if you boost vendor sales.. you get perks…. none of that is required… its just bonus stuff..

-The more prosperous we are, the more bonuses open up for you!

-you will also get free auction panel/market booth, for your own Dwarfins to sell/auction.. if you have any

-If you need a place to live, the private lofts are set up with pretty cabins and 100 open prims. (Prims are flexible within reason)

– bonuses for meeting goals etc!
– 1 week paid time off after 6 months of positive productivity
– Paid sick days and holidays after 6 months positive productivity
– L performance bonuses quarterly
– 100% tips to you for Auctioneering/DJing/etc
– a place to live if you need one!

not shabby at all!

You MUST be reliable! You can set your own hours… but you HAVE to be RELIABLE… (illness, RL issues etc is of course understandable… but no showing, just for the hell of it, is not…)
Just remember… the smarter you work, the more you get paid!

There are several ways I can be reached.. and if hired you will get my cell phone number just incase you ever need it… I also have email, facebook, and I get all offline messages.. so there is always a way to get ahold of me


if this is not right for you, but you know someone very reliable this would fit with… by all means pass this along to them! Please Please Please, they must be reliable!

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