Last Tuesday Recap!

It is the last Tuesday of the month!

We have been super busy here for the past few weeks, dealing with weird things, unreliable people and releasing some EPIC eyes!

I hope you have a moment to sit down, enjoy your coffee (hot chocolate for me please) and read up on what I’ve been up to.


We have a ton of new eyes out this month!

SingMeABlueRiverAdvert This is available through the Catch a Falling Star Hunt! Going on at the store NOW!


Let me recap Upcoming hunts, with some pictures ^_^ (cause we all like the pictures!)

DemonsSeeLoveTooAdvert TouchofMagicAdvert TimeLordAdvert


We are also offering Employment Opportunities!

Lets see…. What else…. Oh! And in February We are celebrating our 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!


If anyone knows Second Life, 5 Years is like… a century… (I think SL years is like Dog years or something) We will be having a sale! New exclusive group gift! And for the month of February, the group join cost will be waived, and be free! (For February only!!)

There is also, One More Day! For the Naming contest on the Valentine Eye! I have had one entry.. and I Need more to have this contest run! So hop on that! Free entry! and a Prize! Can’t beat that! If it isn’t your cup o’ tea, I will instead, give it to ONE friend of your choice.

That’s all I can think of peeps! I hope next month is great for everyone! And wish you all much love and happiness!

Huggies all around!


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