Wolf Haven Farm! Calling all DJs!


Need a Place to Party??? Look no farther! We do not charge for using our venue!!! Isn’t that nifty??

All we ask is that you promote us a little… i.e. ‘tip the venue’ kind of promos… and ‘hey take a look around the sim’ kind of stuff… paraphrase all you want.. we just ask that you do us a solid and hype us a little… we offer in return, a free place to party, you retain 100% of your tips.. and you get to use our group for one or two notices per gig! (You BYOP… bring your own peeps) spam your groups as much as you want… we only ask, that you only send one or two to ours, so our renters do not get bombarded with notices. (they are quiet folk who enjoy their peace, but I’m sure they would love to know you are throwing a party!)

One time events, OR make it a reoccuring thing! Just let us know in this form what days/times you want, we can add it to our event calendar, and our staff bots to promote you ^_^

  • Free Venue!
  • 100% tips!
  • Cross Promotion! (we promote you on our calendar, and our bots, and let you send notices in our group, in addition to your own groups; you promote us during your gig)
  • Trivia Ball and games!
  • Dance ball on the ceiling!

We ask that you clean up when you’re finished.

You are not an employee of Wolf Haven Farm! You are only using the venue! Come and go as you please, just let us know when so we can schedule your gig… don’t want to show up and there’s already someone throwing a party for the night… lol.. that would be awkward! We will set out a calendar at the venue to show; who’s playing when. (right now there is no one scheduled)


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