Meet Our Newest Staff Member!

MoonCalledMaiden Resident


Moon Joined us a year and a half ago… but… do to some RL circumstances she had to quit SL. So she generously gave me her account and we now have Moon as our Property Management and Advertisements Bot!

She is very immersive!

  • Chat in IM with her lol.. shes cheeky…
  • She will invite you to group if you ask nicely
  • she will send our tenants Rent and prim usage reminders

Features coming soon!

  • 24/7 Support tickets
  • live chat
  • greeting visitors

Each feature COSTS! … OMG does it cost… but as we get the funds (I used them all setting up the bot and adding her to paid advertisement groups, and regular free groups) I’ll let you all know on Facebook AND in group inworld!

Please do not turn notices off in group! If she seems too spammy… let us know! We’ll tweek her frequency of posts… we don’t want you blocking group and not getting your notices!

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