Truth or Dare Affair Event!



Lone Wolf Studio will be included in the Truth or Dare Affair!

We have a cart (They aren’t actual carts, they are booth looking critters)


And we have 2 Gacha vendors! Spread through out the sim.


Our exclusive Item for the event is a “Dare” Or naughty (Its nice & Naughty themed)


A unisex mesh fantasy eye, which, not to toot my own horn that would make a demon very happy lol…


Our first gacha at the event is exclusive for this event, Nice and Naughty eyes! These are Unisex. And close up like this you can see the detail. From a normal avatar distance they can look like regular eyes, so they go with everything just about.

The Rares for this gacha are Full eye coverage. Which means like the Eros eye, it is an entire eye area the sclera (white part of the eye) AND iris. The commons are iris only.



To Visit our Booth Directly Click Here!


The second gacha is a Full moon exclusive from Lone Wolf Studio and I felt it had to be shared with the masses! Slink nails that feature all the Zodiac!

We are having a contest for this event! Join our Flickr group for this event, post your picture featuring our items, and top winner gets a Giftcard to our store! If its an exceptional picture, we’ll feature it in our store! and PAY YOU for it!

Join our Flickr Group for the event! The Lone Wolves


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