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I thought I would start this out with something inspiring. Since this wonderfully blessed lady has inspired me for the past year.

At a point in time when I thought I was only ‘hiring another blogger’ I was passive, I was leery. I had just been burned by my blogging manager, a week prior. And was scared to have another blogger come along. I trust as far as I can spit.

And then here comes Jade.

That had been exactly a year ago today.

In this year, I have been through  a lot. And in this year, even through all of my own trials and tribulations… I came to realize after a while that I found a good person. She never once condemned me for not getting a release out on time as my health went crazy. Never backed off of some of the insane ideas I threw her way. She stuck by me. Reminded me there was some hope left on this planet.

She’s had some crappy things befall her, and she never let that get her down. She stayed. And anything we know about what life has taught us.. is life, is a work in progress. And it always will be.

Lone Wolf is but an antonym. Our business cannot thrive without our pack. We are here so you, our valued patrons stand out among your peers. And we have her to thank for her part of this. She has helped us grow. Every member is a contributor, and she has contributed time, talent and loyalty. Which to us, are most precious.

And the highest honor I can think of is I count her among my friends, and we all know the gravity of which that means.

A ‘Thank you’ seems paltry.. not strong enough. But I have appreciated without any doubts the awesomeness that came into my life. That came to our business.

So, as an esteemed member of Lone Wolf’s Pack. We lift our spirits and sing to you. And wish many blessings and many more years with us. You are a valued member of our pack. And we love you. Family is more than whom we share blood with. We can choose.


Thasté Ma de-sevloi.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


and the rest of us ragamuffins from the Studio.

If you would like to follow Jade’s blog, and Facebook page… Click away! You will not be disappointed.


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