Job Opportunity – Lone Wolf Studio! Blogger!


Its actually not hard, and not that difficult.. and this isn’t really as long as it sounds…

What I have to blog:

Fantasy/RP non-standard/non-plain-Jane Eyes. They are Mesh.. and 99% are unisex.

Demons, Angels, Dragons, Supernatural, Paranormal, other random abstract awesomeness and all that jazz… nothing standard. Nothing Ordinary. Check out my Flickr if you want to get a small idea. Each new eye is an Evolution! It only goes up from here!

I also started doing slink nails. If you’re interested and have slink hands I can send you nails to blog as well. (hey guys can wear nails too I think? I won’t judge or discriminate lol)

I am looking for: *Active* bloggers! (at least one post a week.. doesn’t have to be my items every week.. but you have to blog actively!) The more often the merrier!

I would like to open the opportunity to a Male blogger or two.. I have unisex eyes and would love to have a male perspective of these items. I have an awesome female crew. I need a guy or two.. (And yeah.. I just noticed that rhymed).

An exceptional blogger that will give my items the same attention as others they blog for (if they blog for others) I am willing to offer this position to “up and coming” bloggers that need a “foot in the door” as long as you don’t screw me over in the process.

I have a blog.. if you don’t have one to use (the new blogger people) I will gladly add you as an admin to use my blog to do your work.. I’m fine with that… If you have your own blog you use… let me know it so I can roll you.

Send me blogging samples (which I will expect you to keep the same level of blogging for my items, as the blogs you send me as examples… just fyi)
Samples can be links to your blog… (just remember that I will expect the same level of blogging as what you give me as samples….) and I keep saying that because I’ve been bait and switched before…

I won’t even consider people who cannot cohesively make a sentence. “u r a nice store I like wat u do.” or anything where u, r, b, y etc.. letters alone are used as words… (sorry its a peeve, and we’re supposed to have some moderate decorum of education on this planet) I do not need thesis, or college level essay writing lol.. not what I’m saying.. but some showmanship of graduating basic schooling would be awesome! We do not speak bingo!…

Foreign Languages are awesome and I don’t mind them at all! As long as you have some English in there for me.. or I’m able to translate that works too…

I like pretty and well done pictures fyi… thats a plus!
You do not have to be a photoshop pro… but some basic photo skills, is a plus (I can provide pics if you have no clue how to do a good pic.. I have to make the adverts anyway.. tossing you one to use is no biggy)

I will “pay” you per original blog, with product. (Standard blogger stuffs for those just getting into blogging)

I will send you a NC with the item. Some basic info, price, in a hunt (where applicable) and you blog it. You can blog it on your own time… if you want to put hunt poster pics for hunts, If I have them I’ll send it, or tell you where you can find one..

Its majorily, “name your own” schedule, but I do need certain releases and events done in a timely manner. (Blogging on an item, a week after an event is over makes no sense etc).

I will get the item, pics or info (whatever applies) out to you the weekend before it is released (unless an emergency RL comes up, then its asap) or try for earlier.. that will give you a whole week or more to blog at your leisure.

I have two Major releases a month. They correlate with moon phases.. its a “wolf” niche. We have the New Moon Release, and the Full Moon Special. And as their names suggests, the releases will be on the New and Full moons. The Calendar on my blog will have the moon phases. Make a note. I will have an eye, and a nail (most likely), on the New Moon.. and some special (Either an exclusive item, or gacha or just something super cool) on the Full Moon. Your blog does not have to come out on those times, just mention the name of the release (New or Full respectively) on your blog so people know which release it is.

Then random hunt and event items.. I’ll try to give those in plenty of time to blog.. occassionaly I get accepted last minute… those I’ll blog myself and don’t take that as an insult.. I just don’t like hopping things on people last minute. But if you see the item and still want to blog it.. just toss me a message and I’ll of course give that to you.

I’m a low stress kind of person. Ask Jade lol.. I have no worries if you’re sick or on vacation (Dropping me a heads up would be nice, so I don’t think you left me). I am a caring person, and very understanding. Just don’t let that bite me in the rear.

You will continue to get items from me, as long as I see the same level of blogging as what I hired, believing you could do. If you blog exceptionally well on an item, there could be bonuses If I am truly blown away with the blog. (I’m randomly nice like that).

  • good description
  • professional looking blog (more than one sentence)
  • nice pics
  • LMs where applicable
  • Hunt hints if applicable
  • release date, or availability
  • Prices (if you mention stuff like that)
  • target gender for item etc

are good things to put in the blog… (and some of you rolled your eyes and “I know’d” me out loud lol… some people don’t put these things.. and if they are a new blogger, they need to know this stuff.. so hush yer faces)

After you are done blogging an Item for me, beyond your normal places you spam your blog posts…


I require you post your link to your blog for my store’s item, in 2 places..
on the facebook page for Lone Wolf Studio, and the Group notices in world. (You’ll get a blogger staff tag so you can do this).

I do not ask for much… just on time, nice blogs, post to the group page on FB, and group notices in world… and your normal blog spammage where ever you do that. Easy Peasy right?

Joining our Flickr group to post pics off of your blogs for us, would be a plus.


You must get along with Jade.. I have time out chairs and little cone hats for those who don’t. She’s a pretty cool kitty so I don’t foresee any issues..



If this sounds like something you want to do, and its up your alley, or a friends alley, send this along to them and:
Click here to apply

if you want to suggest a friend, send this ad to your friend and have them apply. it gets rough hiring people through people. (sometimes they don’t even tell the person, they just tell me they want the job, and when I contact they have no clue whats going on), so.. please have your friend apply themselves, if its for them.

Only send your own.

if there are a couple absolutely awesome bloggers I can’t decide between.. I may hire you both lmao… but we’ll see what happens!

This is open to men (For right now).. as my items are usually unsex.

If I contact you with a welcome kit, and you do not respond within a week. At all. I will drop you and move to the next applicant.

I look forward to working with you…
~Natisu SpiritWeaver Lone Wolf Studio


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