When you log into your email seven o’clock in the morning, and you see “you have been privately invited to the third round of Roulett3″… you cough, sit up abruptly and check to make sure there isn’t something in your water… and reread that a couple times.

This is huge for our store.

We’ve been invited to hunts, special events, and other things… but a Roulett3 or Arcade kind of event invite.. you jump and do a happy dance with your dog for that one… sorry Aiana…Roulett3 logo png

This was a challenge for us.. I wanted everything to be perfect, and with no set theme, that created a bit of a challenge for us lol.. we like structure. So now to get creative and put out a set of eyes to Wow the masses!

Our Exclusives!


Toil. 100% Mesh Unisex eye!


Elise our 100% Mesh Unisex eye!

And our Exclusive Gacha!


Come check us out at Roulett3 Here! May 3rd-23rd

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