Job Opportunity: Lone Wolf Studio Blogger!


Its actually not hard, and this isn’t really as long as it sounds…

What we have to blog:

Fantasy/RP non-standard/non-plain Eyes. They are Mesh.. and 99% are unisex.

Demons, Angels, Dragons, werewolves, Supernatural, Paranormal, humans that appreciate unique designs, other random abstract awesomeness and all that jazz… nothing standard. Nothing Ordinary. Check out our Flickr if you want to get a small idea. Each new eye is an Evolution! It only goes up from here!

We also started doing slink nails. If you’re interested and have slink hands I can send you nails to blog as well.

What we are looking for:

  • *Active* bloggers! – At least one post a week
  • Dedicated Bloggers! – If you sign up to be a blogger for us, we expect you to *Actually* blog for us. If you have too much of a workload, and cannot keep up, do NOT apply.
  • Bloggers who can follow small simple direction.
  • Bloggers who can handle us sending them things, AND handing us back a blog within a week (7 days). Which is more than reasonable. The faster the better.
  • Bloggers who can handle Posting to inworld Group AND Facebook group. (Flickr Optional but a plus, we have a group)

I would like to open the opportunity to dependable people.

Exceptional bloggers that will give my items the same attention as the other companies they blog for (if they blog for others).

Let me know your Blog you’ll be using, so I can roll you. I expect my store to be listed as a sponsor on your blog.

Send me blogging samples (which I will expect you to keep the same level of blogging for my items, as the blogs you send me as examples… just fyi)
Samples can be links to your blog… (just remember that I will expect the same level of blogging as what you give me as samples….) and I keep saying that because I’ve been bait and switched before…

Foreign Languages are awesome and I don’t mind them at all!

I like pretty and well done pictures fyi… that’s a plus!
You do not have to be a photoshop pro… but some basic photo skills, is a plus.

I will “pay” you per original blog, with product.

I will send you a NC with the item. Some basic info, price, in a hunt (where applicable) LM if I have one and the item is not at the main store (Events) and you blog it. If you want to put hunt poster pics for hunts, If I have them I’ll send it, or tell you where you can find one..

I have two Major releases a month. They correlate with moon phases.. its a play on the “wolf” niche. We have the New Moon Release, and the Full Moon Special. And as their names suggests, the releases will be on the New and Full moons. The Calendar on my blog will have the moon phases. Make a note. I will have an eye, and a nail (most likely), on the New Moon.. and some special (Either an exclusive item, or gacha or just something super cool) on the Full Moon. Your blog does not have to come out on those times, just mention the name of the release (New or Full respectively) on your blog so people know which release it is.

Then random hunt and event items.. I’ll try to give those in plenty of time to blog.. occassionaly I get accepted last minute… those last minute ones, I’ll blog myself and don’t take that as an insult.. I just don’t like hopping things on people last minute. But if you see the item and still want to blog it.. just toss me a message and I’ll of course give that to you.

I’m a low stress kind of person… I have no worries if you’re sick or on vacation (Dropping me a heads up would be nice, so I don’t think you left me). I am a caring person, and very understanding. Just don’t let that bite me in the rear.

You will continue to get items from me, as long as I see the same level of blogging as what I hired. If you blog exceptionally well on an item, there could be bonuses If I am truly blown away with the blog. (I’m randomly nice like that).

  • good description
  • professional looking blog (more than one sentence)
  • nice pics
  • LMs where applicable
  • Hunt hints if applicable
  • release date, or availability
  • Prices (if you mention stuff like that)

are good things to put in the blog… (and some of you rolled your eyes and “I know’d” me out loud lol… some people don’t put these things.. and if they are a new blogger, they need to know this stuff.. so hush yer faces)

After you are done blogging an Item for me, beyond your normal places you spam your blog posts…

I require you to post the link to your blog, in 2 places..
on the facebook page for Lone Wolf Studio, and the Group notices in world. (You’ll get a blogger staff tag so you can do this).

I do not ask for much… just on time, nice blogs, post to the group page on FB, and group notices in world… and your normal blog spammage where ever you do that. Easy Peasy right?

Joining our Flickr group to post pics off of your blogs for us, would be a plus.

I won’t chase you down.

  • I’ll send a friend request when I hire you. (If you don’t get one… send one to me)
  • I’ll send you a group invite. If you don’t get one, there is a group joiner in the store, I’ll reimburse you the fees.

I had one blogger.. where I tried 15 times to send friend requests and group joins… turns out they were just playing… SO.. that being said. I send it once. You go to the store if you don’t get it.

No blogs for us.. means no product for you.. lots of ‘no blogs’, means you’re no longer blogging for us. We’re running a business and can’t babysit adults.

Quick View of our Rules and such:

  • At Least one blog a week. More is a plus
  • We have a busy schedule with 2 scheduled releases a month, several events a month and a crap ton of hunts each month… you must keep up!
  • Don’t let that last one scare you.. I don’t send a ton of things at once.. For Events, I send the exclusive and a random gacha item.. hunts are only one item… and my releases are usually just one item.. or an eye/nail set.. its not really as much as it sounds. I space it out.. so you only end up doing 4 blogs a month, unless you ask to do more.
  • I’ll send things as long as you blog things. 
  • I send out blogger boxes over the weekends. I expect a blog by the next weekend or sooner.
  • Feel free to blog other things in there.. I am aware these are eyes.. they do not need a blog all for themselves, unless that’s your thing… I am perfectly happy with you adding them into an “ensemble” or outfit.. Just please credit the product correctly.. and have at least one focused shot in there of the product.. Does not have to be an “eye shot” just a decent shot showing the eyes clearly, and close enough for some detail.
  • You must list Lone Wolf Studio, as a sponsor on your blog. I will send you a logo and SLURL and any other info you may want/need.
  • Please friend me on Facebook and Secondlife… I use facebook to send previews and to talk to you guys.. its easier when I can’t log into SL… Plus it makes it easier to add you to the store FB page so you can post on the main section instead of that lame “visitor” section..
  • RL happens. I am understanding and nice… please tell me ASAP if RL is going to keep you from the blog.. Vacations are fine… Kids events are fine… you having a cold is fine (I hope you don’t get sick.. but I understand these things…) Just Please let me know.. If I don’t see posts. I assume you dropped me. So. If you went on vacation.. just drop me a IM “hey.. on vacation first two weeks of [month] (or however long)” I’m totally cool with that…
  • If I see a ton of posts from you that are for everyone else but me…. and you keep telling me you’re working on it… then never post… but keep posting for others.. I’ll assume you lied and dropped me… I’ll drop you at that point.
  • if the workload is too much. Just talk to me. We’re all adults here. and I am understanding… One blog a week just doesn’t seem too much to me.. beings I’m spending several hours a day, making items that get blogged once a week..
  • Do not think since I posted a product blog for the store’s site.. that it is blogged…. I blog vendor style… I post an advert, and maybe a blurb on what inspired me to do the item.. its pretty much an advert with words….. you guys blog customer style… wearing the item after “purchase”.. from the customer’s POV. its a totally different kind of blogging..
  • Please post your blog link in the Group notices (you’ll get a blogger tag)
  • Please post your blog link on the Store’s Facebook page
  • The above two points are my way of knowing you’re still working for me. Our group is small right now, I renamed it and a few people didn’t get the memo to hop to the new one… but anywho.. I will cross promote for you (I do not know too many designers that will do that for their bloggers) I will post it in our old group till everyone hops to the new one.. I will also add your post links to the subscriber so anyone not in the group still sees it.. And I blog roll you on the store’s official site/blog. I will also share your posts on my personal Facebook wall if they are exceptionally good..
  • Flickr is optional… but awesome if you do… we have a group.

If this sounds like something you are happy to do:
Click here to apply.


Feel free to pass this to your friends..


if there are a couple absolutely awesome bloggers I can’t decide between.. I may hire you all lmao… but we’ll see what happens!

This is open to women and men.. as my items are usually unsex.

If I contact you with a welcome kit, which includes your first assignment, and you do not respond within a week. At all. I will assume you changed your mind.. drop you and move to the next applicant.

I look forward to working with you…
~Natisu SpiritWeaver Lone Wolf Studio


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