Important Wolf Haven Update!

Out with the old.. in with the new. I remodeled the Breedable sim I had
(Since Dwarfins Folded and no one *gets* All Breedables welcome)

It is now open to shop owners.. or people who want an INworld presence…

Event Coordinators:

       Want to rent the whole area for an event?? Let us know! Special Event Pricing Available!

I’m still tweaking a few things.. but as far as I’m concerned.. its open for business! Tell your friends! Tell your dog! psst.. breedables are still welcome! Its something sellable right?

I have sponsor spots available…

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) (`’·.¸(`’·.¸ ¸.·’´) ¸.·’´) (¨*•.¸ (¨*•.¸`•.¸
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`• •`¯¨• ¸¸ `•. `•.¸) `•.¸)
~ωợℓƒ нανєη Ŧαяm~ Is now Wolf Haven EstatesSnapshot_004.png


Each Store has 20 Prims.. L$250/wk
Each Table has 4 Prims.. L$50/wk

Prims and Prices Negotiable 

You are allowed to have low lag Vendors and Gacha.
Feel free to advertise your store from here! Landmark the place, Then just rename your landmark to your store then hand it out!

————————————————————————-Rent includes:

  • General Exposure Advertising
  • inclusion on our facebook page
  • Of course your prims
  • Rent 3 weeks at once, get one free!

More Perks to come! (as we think of them)

If you would like to set up a Booth it is very easy!

Sales Booth Renters:

  • -Choose your Booth
  • -Get a group tag (Spinning boxes around the sim can invite you or Ask the Manager!)
  • -Pay the Rent Box
  • -Set your area up

Send us a NC with Store Number, Full Perm Logo and links if you have any to flickr, facebook blog etc… we have an area set up on our main facebook page to promote your stores!. And We’ll put your logo up on your sign post.

Please stay within your Prim limit!

Read over the NC to see our rules etc…
All set!

Feel free to decorate your Booth or table as long as you stay respectively in your area and in your Prims. You can put small decorations on the crates outside your store if there are crates.. Please nothing laggy and HUGE… we pride ourselves in being a lag free shopping experience.

If you like to sponsor the Haven… by all means.. Let us know!
L$100 a month Sponsorship includes: (We’ll put it on your rent box so you don’t have to pay separate boxes)

  • Specified Advertising. Send us a NC of your advert. Please keep it smallish info NC to put in notices are also welcome
  • Ad Spamming in several places!
  • Pinned Ad and logo on our Facebook Page
  • Sponsor Spotlight on our Blog
  • Of course your prims
  • Rent 3 weeks at once, get one free!
  • More Perks to come! (as we think of them)
    Complete info can be gotten from the purple box at the landing point on the sim…

any suggestions comments or concerns can be sent Via Message the page, message inworld through the online board.. or message me or a manager here..

See the Market InWorld Here!

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