Rally To Rescue Event!

Second Annual GBMC Rally To Rescue 2016.png

We have chosen to be a voice for Pit Bulls and their persecution, but we believe it is our moral responsibility to protect and improve the lives of ALL abused, abandoned, and homeless animals. Rescues are often these animals, last and only hope.

Last year we had our first rally with approximately 150 to 200 people visiting our sim everyday for 5 days helping to support us. All of our collected donations went directly for the care of animals at non-profit, no-kill, volunteer rescue organizations.

Your shop has been chosen specifically for a private invitation because we love it, and we know you would be an amazing addition. This year’s Rally To Rescue is expected to be huge and we are inviting you to play a very special part.

We are asking all participating shops to donate 100% of their earnings from the item they are selling to the Rally to Rescue.

This is a cause Lone Wolf feels strongly about. Our eye will be Stray Dog. It features a werewolf reflected in the iris. Yet far off the eye is subtle enough to look less “exotic” than our normal entourage of eyes. Perfect for everyday wear.



you read that right. 100% of the sale of this eye will go to this Rescue event!


Our sale Item will be prominently displayed at our store, can’t miss it!

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