2016 Bi-Annual Assessment

Lone Wolf Studio 2016 Bi-annual Assessment:


So.. Doing my midyear’s number crunch for the store… I make my findings public.. Cause that’s how I roll.. Keep the customers in the know.. They feel better about shopping with us… (some don’t care lol.. But I like making people feel secure in business dealing with me). It’s just my thing.

This lets us know a few things

  • Where to improve
  • What to keep doing
  • Who to keep working with (Organizer wize)
  • What to get rid of
  • If we should stay open (hey, it happens)

We officially Celebrated our 6 Year Anniversary on February 23, 2016!

(We technically have been open for a little longer than that… but I was still figuring things out at that point and we didn’t get traction until February.. so.. I count from then)

My findings.. After being in 10 events and almost 46 hunts! (holy batman I didn’t realize I signed up for so many lol)

We had 3 sponsorships fall through from events/hunts being cancelled with no notice.. No contact, and no reply..

That has taught us to only sponsor people’s hunts /events that we know. Not to base sponsorship off of event notoriety or a theme we particularly loved.. Which is sad.. But lost sponsor fees were over 2k.. Plus time took for designing all the sponsor requirements + normal requirements.. Upload fees… Yadda yadda.. if there was a set theme a lot of those designs could not be recycled to some other hunt (Which I hate recycling)

in retrospect…. I think I’m going to use them as group gifts or the lucky chair next time.. so nothing goes to waste… I didn’t even think of that.. ::facepalms:: see… 24/7 learning process…

Huge improvement to 2015, we had 7 fall throughs for the year.. Yeah.. We learned from that too… 2 of the 3 this year was the same organizer..(we paid for both events at the same time when we got accepted) So should I just say 2 for this year so far?

You can tell times are changing.. cause all 7 of those sponsorships only cost a little over 1K… this year… 3 cost 2,500. Those are Ls we don’t want to repeat losing.

Some people have no clue what goes into a store’s day to day… They just go in and buy.. Which is fine.. But some appreciate it deeper when they see the behind the scenes…

In February of this year (2016) We revamped the store! We’re off the leash and out of that box! No 4 walls can contain how much we’ve evolved in just 6 months!


 We’re still in the same location (we put some serious roots there! 6+ Years of stability!)

We were Formally Accepted into the United Fantasy Merchant Group In February (Nice anniversary present ne?)

And we’ve applied and still waiting to hear back from the Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier.

If you know of anymore venues like those… let me know! Networking FTW!


Ok… Now on to the fun!

Events, Hunts and what not:

Our most successful Event, 4 months in a row! Roullet3!

Roulett3 logo png

My gacha for Roullett3 has gone bonkers every single month. And yes.. Bonkers *is* a unit of measure..

These are just a few of the gacha for Roulett3

Runner up event(s), just about every Perfect Seduction organized event has worked out for us.. Thanks Kamiek!

A few other Events we’ve been in (not all.. but a few more)

Hunts that have been good to us…

Honestly.. It’s hard to gauge.. A person comes to the store and normally picks up all the hunt items.. So they are pretty even..

This is only a small selection of the Hunts we were in.. a few didn’t have signs (which… if you’re a coordinator, giving a Full Perm poster to merchants to put in adverts… does wonders!) and well.. honestly.. I didn’t want to put a jillion pictures… lol

 Our Charity Events/Hunts we’ve been in…

have been phenomenal!

Again… ::sigh:: a lot did not give us Full perm posters 😦 And we have a ton coming up for the next 6 months (That I probably shouldn’t put here because this was just to be from January to June) We’re in 3 for July.

To see past event/hunt designs.. Check out our store’s site.. The menu is pretty straight forward..

To see some of our Event and Hunt organizers we steadily and regularly attend, check our store’s site, and look down the right side. ——>

Out with the Old, In with the New!

We have revamped our entire catalog!

Getting rid of everything old just about. We kept our “best sellers” for eyes, Nails we cleared out except for new 2016 items.. and We finally took down the art, clothing and tattoos are going to get a rework before we set those back out (if we do, I’m not investing in all those mesh bodies to get the creator’s kits for them.. I made that mistake with Lolas..)

We’ve decided on free to enter, hunts.. and sticking with events that are under L500 for their fees.. I have a couple events I already signed up for before finalizing this decision.. Those I’m going to keep.. One was L500, the other was L800.. Roulett3 is L1,000.. Roulett3 is my best event.. so I’m sticking with it until I absolutely have to drop it.. I’m sticking with cheaper events now..

We’ve opened applications for Bloggers, so if you know anyone. Or you yourself blog.. You can see what we do, if it looks doable, apply.

We have also revamped our Dwarfins sim to no longer have dwarfins.. they closed down.. so now.. we have a fantastic lag-free shopping market where designers can have little stores… if they are from marketplace trying to get an inworld presence.. or a larger store trying to get a second location. Or even event coordinators that need a little place to have an event.. each store is 20 prims.. which is more than the [15] I see in almost all of the events. There can also be “Sponsor” spots that allow more prims. We even have a gacha area (currently has trees so no one tries to build there lol). Prims and Prices negotiable.


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