Full Moon Release!

People, people
Here me go
You know what it means to be left alone
Yeah, people hear me people
Do you know what it means to be left alone?
Not even a love to call your own
A little understandin’
Lord that’s all in the world I need
Understandin’ and a little bit of lovin’ baby
That’s all in the world I need
A misunderstanding of a no good woman
Yeah, lord they’ve both caused my heart to bleed

Every mornin’
I can hear out of my window
The blues come winning
I can hear the blues call my name baby
Every mornin’
Every mornin’
You can hear the willows weep and mown for me
Lord now, every mornin’ you can hear the willows weep and mown for me
My little girl has left me
That’s what caused my heart to bleed
That’s all that caused my heart to bleed
Bleeding heart
Lord that’s too bad I have a bleeding heart
Please come back home to me baby

~Jimi Hendrix

Our Full Moon Release for this month is our Bleeding Heart Eye!
100% Mesh!
100% Unisex!
Bleeding HeartAdvert

And our Strength Nails!

Slink Required for the nails!StrengthNailAdvert
You can find these items in the NEW vendor, the Nails Vendor (for the nails) and the Full catalog in the back of the store…


These are unisex. Ignore that I don’t have a male model lol. Snapshot_020

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