Lone Wolf Studio!

One of the leading Mesh Fantasy Eye Companies on the grid!

If you can think it, we can make it!

Eyes are the windows to the soul… How do your windows look?

Lone Wolf Studio started out as a small little dinky place… with big, not-so-dinky dreams!

Formerly called SpiritWeaver Inc inworld… and Big Bad Wolf Graphics in the Real world.. in 2010 both RL and SL businesses merged (Both owned by Natisu SpiritWeaver RL & SL) And Renamed to Lone Wolf Studio!

In Second life, System eyes were our thing then. And we still have those for the individuals that do not like Mesh EVERYTHING lol (Trust me.. there are some out there..) We discontinued actively making system eyes… BUT, if you see any of our mesh ones that you would like as system eyes… feel free to drop us a NC in the mailbox out front of the store.. We can make that happen for you!

We also offer RL and SL business services!

  • Logo Creation
  • poster or Advert making
  • profile pics
  • facebook cover photos and profile icons


Lone Wolf Studio’s presence in RL started back in 1995, as Big Bad Wolf Graphics. Owned, Operated and ran solely by Natisu.

Offering RL

  • Logo Creation
  • Advert Creation
  • Calendars
  • Business cards
  • Business stationary
  • Facebook designs (cover & Profile)
  • simple web building
  • Photography

We dabble in some other things here and there…. Mainly anime Fan art and cartooning RL & SL. But we also play with some mesh clothes here and there… tattoos… and soon fantasy ears..

If you would like any business services… Contact us! Either in world with a NC dropped off in our mailbox, OR contact us with this form here!


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